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each page of this site has link icons for sharing and following Beftahk's blog, and popular social and creative networks. Here you can find out the latest news as well as information about Beftahk and his special approach to music production and teaching.
Beftahk is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, producer, and musical director with a conceptual approach to creating sound and music for creative independent artists, television and film.
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Beftahk works in association with Octrozil SOUND STUDIOS and Octrozil Records and performs his own original compositions with his own band and also collaborates with Xzuku and her band. This website was provided for him as a collaborating Creative of broke2bespoke Projects
Write, develop, arrange, perform, record, mix and remix
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a newer, even groovier, more dynamic website is being created and will be online soon!
xxx Xzuku & Lord Tahk.